WELCOME.      I had no idea, two years ago, when I popped my very first piece out of its' mold that concrete would soon take over most of my space, my thoughts and my heart.  My tiny side project has transformed quickly since then into a successful business that I absolutely love and take much pride in. So thank you for your interest in something that is so dear to me. 

Concrete as a medium is fascinating.  It's a material that requires careful balance, between fluidity and strength, roughness and eloquence, lightness and stability.  It has taken much trial and error to discover a mixture and method of casting that puts each of these traits in harmony.  That journey has been at times frustrating but also incredibly rewarding.  I have learned an incredible amount. The process is so unique to each cast that there are no replicas, each piece is completely individual.  I love this aspect of concrete.  It makes me feel like I am casting a unique piece for every one who orders.  While the design may be the same, they are all in some way their own single edition, just like us. 

I have a love for simple geometric shapes, a fascination with perception, and an obsession with making beautiful objects.  >> Everyday I draw inspiration from the world around me and I can't wait to continue and share my adventure with you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I truly enjoy sharing this journey with you. 

-  Sarah