Smooth, sophisticated striations, this concrete piece looks otherworldly. Using a special technique, Selene is casted with a high polished finish giving her a sleek, glossy exterior. This silky sheen makes her extremely versatile, she can be effortlessly casual or refined and elegant, in either scenario she is unique.

Celebrate your distinction!


Nitty-Gritty Details: 
Hand-cast, light weight concrete 
Sealed for durability
1.3 mm Gold-filled or 1.75 Gunmetal Chain - 29" Length
Size: 1" diameter

Chain Material:
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Each piece of jewelry is hand-cast in its own mold. This process, along with the intrinsic character of concrete, ensures that no two pieces are the same. Meaning, the final product may have some variations from the photos, but also that each item is as unique as the person who wears it.