Q: Where does the name Crescere Studio come from?

A:   Naming your business is tough stuff!  I wanted a name that tied into the material of my craft, concrete, but without being too glaring.  I did some research on the history of concrete, etc, and came across the Latin passive participle of the word concrete - Concrescere.  Con - means together and Crescere to grow -> to grow together, that's lovely!  But it's also a little bit of a mouthful so I shortened it to Crescere.  The name fits quite well, everyday I learn, I grow, and my business cultivates in response.  That's an important aspect for me.  The studio part is mostly an ambiguous add on but it provides me the freedom to develop in any direction I want. I'm not locked into one product type or niche. I'm free to explore - hint hint. 


QHow do you pronounce Crescere?

A:   Good question!  It's Latin so it's not exactly phonetic. I consulted my brother to put his fancy English Masters to use and help me come up with a phonetic description. Here's what we developed:  Cres-care-a


QWhen did you decide you wanted to make jewelry out of concrete?

A:   Concrete jewelry is an idea that I've been thinking about for quite a while, since before I went to Grad School.  But I kept telling myself, "oh tomorrow you will figure it out." It was always tomorrow.  One morning I woke up and just decided it was the day.  I bought my first bag of concrete and started from there.  A few years later and I have a solid casting process with a concrete mixture I tailor to my pieces and a successful little business.  Honestly, the hardest part was just getting the courage to start. So here's my penny-though - If you have an idea, you just have to commit to it and everything else will fall into place.  


QWhat is the most exciting part of the process? 

A:   Removing the pieces from their molds never gets old.  The steps to casting are the same, everything is measured out and methodically repeated but the nature of concrete is so variable.  Even in a controlled environment you just never know what you are going to get. So every time I pop those little babies out I have a delightful sense of anticipation!  it's so exciting to reveal the beautiful things you have created.  


Thanks for taking the time to get to know us better!